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Christer Stjernfeldt Chartered real estate broker and an MBA

Registered estate since 1993 and founded Smålandsfastighetsbyrå the same year. Hase worked as a brooker for 18 years and mediated more than 1000 properties. I have good experience and industry insight. Qualified MBA and hase also good knowledge of the legal law, building technology and forestry. Conveys everything from vacation house, condominiums, villas, land and forest properties.  

E-post: christer@sfbab.se Direkt: 0476-12001 Mob: 070-5551880
Johanna Samuelsson Fastighetsmäklare

Jobbat på Smålands Fastighetsbyrå i 4 år som mäklarassistent. Färdigtutbildad och registrerad fastighetsmäklare hösten 2014.


E-post: johanna@sfbab.se Direkt: 047612276 Mob: 0735031047
Jennie Stjernfeldt Mäklarassistent
E-post: jennie@sfbab.se Direkt: 0476-12000 Mob: 0732-771213
Käja Haraldsson Administratör
E-post: kaja@sfbab.se Direkt: 0476-12000